Geeks with Kids Episode 28

The geeks groggily emerge from the trenches of sick children to share tales of horror…and to wax philosophical about the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, Sony’s Venom announcement, and all the movies of our youth coming to TV in three-hour bonanzas. Get ready of off-topic rambling, mistaken TV show identities, and what to do (and not do) when our kids get sick.

Geeks with Kids – Episode 28 – Geeks vs. Sick Children



2 thoughts on “Geeks with Kids Episode 28

  1. One TV show I’ve been enjoying lately on Netflix is the BBC crime drama Broadchurch which stars Dr Who and Jessica Jones alumnus David Tennant.

    The show centers around the investigation of a murdered child and the impact this has on a family and small town community (so emotionally susceptible parents beware).


    1. Agreed on Broadchurch. Luckily I started it just before my daughter was born so I can see why parents would find it hard to watch.

      Incredible actors, incredible writing… And also stars another Doctor Who alum, Arthur Darvil.


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