Szpirs Blog: Wednesday, Nerdy Wednesday

In maybe the best scheduling coincidence ever, we get a new DEATH BATTLE on the same day as SCREEN JUNKIES releases their anticipated HONEST TRAILER for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

SCREEN JUNKIES has a big winner on their hands this week with their HONEST TRAILER for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. In less skilled hands, a video like this can cause fan rifts of Jedi/Sith proportions (or Original/Prequel Trilogy proportions…or Marvel/DC…0r…) but the SCREEN JUNKIES team does the near impossible by speaking to fans and haters equally. I won’t spoil how this is achieved but it LOL’d me.

There’s also a nice cast reunion near the end…and a fantastic cameo of the man who introduced me to YOUTUBE movie criticism – pizza rolls and all.

After stumbling onto DEATH BATTLE a few months ago, I’ve obsessively consumed them all. The show is such a pure exercise in geekery, that it’s undeniably charming, even if you have no particular investment or interest in the characters or franchises in question. After breaking down each combatant’s powers, skills, tools, and histories, each episode treats us to well-choreographed fights that often reflect the best aspects of the characters…presuming that they WOULD fight to the death – a key plank of certain match-ups (Goku vs. Superman, Spider-man vs. Batman, etc.) which would otherwise be unresolvable. The fights are either sprite-based (but include ambitious use of planes, pans, and rotations) or motion captured. Last week’s match-up (Dante of DEVIL MAY CRY vs. BAYONETTA) was just shy of professional grade animation…very impressive.

The disembodied narrators are well acted and contrasted. Boomstick is an Alpha Gamer caricature whose guttural voice and crude jokes play well against Wiz, an articulate, cerebral character who can rattle off the math behind some decisions (the formula for calculating Goku’s strength is especially memorable) and/or the reasoning behind others. Even if you’re not a Nintendo fan, hearing these two orchestrate a GANON vs BOWSER fight will take you back to all those grade school (…and high school…and university…and shut up) arguments about who would win in a fight.


So, that’s how I killed my productivity today. How’re you wasting your time this week, Geeks?




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