Journalist lands TV deal, book deal and fights trolls.

I have been following the exploits of a young journalist named Hilde Lysiak for a little while now. I like her because she’s a well spoken individual that reports the stories she feels are important to her community.

I even used her story and articles to inspire my senior students to become citizen journalists themselves; to find the kinds of stories in their own neighbourhoods that build community, instead of selling subscriptions.

Oh yeah!  Did I mention Hilde is 9! That’s right, she’s a 9-year-old journalist that runs her own community paper called The Orange Street News.

For a point of personal reference, here’s what I was doing at age 9.  Jim Davis, eat your heart out!

bad comic.jpg

Anyway…now that I feel like I have done little with my life, back to Hilde and her homegrown, community news site.

“Pffft!” you say.  “Anyone can start-up their own community based website!”

Yeah, but…did you know Hilde is pretty serious about her gig?  So serious she broke a story about a homicide in her hood, even before the legit news services could spin it!

“WHAT?!” you gasp.  “How dare she!  She’s a child!  She has no business being exposed to such things!”

Yeah but…according to her, and her supportive father/journalist, Matthew Lysiak, they both feel she’s well equipped to deal with it. But that didn’t stop the Internet Trolls from coming after her.  So here’s how Hilde dealt with the Trolls. Fighting fire with a little Youtube fire.


Burn trolls!  Burn!

Her response to such on-line hate garnered international coverage in numerous news outlets.  Man, this kid rocks! But wait…there’s more!

Recently, Hilde has landed not only a book deal to publish a series of four books based on her adventures in reporting, but has also had them optioned to be produced into a TV series! Wow.  Just wow.

This kid is an inspirational force.  Hats off to you Hilde!  Keep up the good work.

So for those of you who feel they need to put down and Troll a little kid who is both passionate and talented about something they love, go outside and find something else to do that will make your world, your community and life a little bit better.

For those who want more, you can follow Hilde and the Orange Street News here on Twitter.





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