(Not so) Serious Predictions: Stranger Things, Season Two

Warning!  The following blog may contain spoilers to season one, and two, of Stranger Things!  Proceed at your own peril!

With that being said…I am so stoked! Season two of Stranger Things has officially been given the all-systems-go by Netflix!

As part of the announcement teaser, the titles for the forthcoming episodes have also be revealed to keep our collective imaginations on the edge of their seats until next Summer.

Season two picks up in the autumn of 1984, which right away, leads me to believe, it will be more about horror, Hallowe’en and all the entertaining motifs that come with it.

So here are my predictions for season two that include more horror and more pop-culture references.


  1. “Mad Max” – Too easy.  A new threat is revealed; nicknamed “Toecutter”.  A few Hawkins “redshirts” are going to enter the Upside-Down to try and learn more about this new realm with disasterous results.  Someone has to say, “Two men entered, but only one research left.” The title could also reference how society is falling apart, and characters like Hopper now have to operate above the law to ensure the safety of others.  Here’s hoping Hopper doesn’t have to witness his new friends being rundown by a homicidal maniac on a motorcycle.
  2. “The Boy Who Came Back To Life” – You think this episode is about Will.  It won’t be.  It will be about another boy who comes back to life.  As a result, Will and his friends are dragged to mysterious Hawkins medical institute in upstate Pennsylvania to learn more about his flashbacks of the Upside-Down, his new “superpowers”, and his new insatiable hunger for living flesh.  Maybe.
  3. “The Pumpkin Patch” – Good grief!  This is going to be the fun-times episode before things get real.  Dustin, Mike and Lucas track down a monster (maybe the resurrected boy from the previous episode) to a local pumpkin farm.  Dustin believes he will come out of hiding on Hallowe’en night, but Lucas has his doubts. Shenanigans entail.  Footballs are both literally and figuratively pulled away from us at the last minute in a dramatic twist to the action.
  4. “The Palace” – This is the episode where the truth is revealed about the new problem that is terrorizing the town.  It’s a cat and mouse episode where the heroes must find a key person who reveals the answers, but they must journey through a labyrinth of sorts to the “palace” where the McGuffin-esque character lives.  The new monster beats them to it and leaves a grizzly murder scene behind for the heroes.
  5. “The Storm” – If the last episode was the calm…this episode is going to be when the stuff hits the fans!  Hawkins attempts to capture the Toecutter, but is stunned to learn that it can summon other creatures through a silent, foggy veil that the Toecutter has cast around the town.  Other creatures, that are horrific embodiments of the town’s citizens.  There’s much blood and destruction that ramps up the tension.
  6. “The Pollywog” – Mike, Hopper and our heroes learn that Toecutter is using their town’s sewer system to spawn hundreds of mind controlling slugs, that when ingested by the populace, turns them into mindless, flesh eating zombies.  Steve is then infected and Nancy must decide if he lives or dies.  Dustin performs the Heimlich maneuver on Steve to save the day.  While skulking through some dark sewers, Nancy accidentally kisses Will, believing he’s Johnathan.  Romantic tension builds.
  7. “The Secret Cabin”- The heroes flee their overrun town to a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods.  They’re joined by a new, chainsaw wielding ally as Toecutter and his horde of infected citizens lay siege to the cabin.  The heroes learn that their new ally is protecting another gate to the Upside-Down, and someone hiding within.  Someone that can help turn the tide.
  8. “The Brain” – Will, Mike, Jonathan and Nancy travel to the Upside-Down to try and find their lost friend, Eleven so that they can stop Toecutter and his minions.  They locate her and learn the true reason, behind Toecutter’s emergence; Pan-Dimensional Domination! That, and that Toecutter is really Barb.  Well…Barb’s the host that allows Toecutter to survive in our world.  The gate closes and separates our heroes into two groups.
  9. “The Lost Brother” – Doom is imminent as our heroes make a last stand at the cabin.  Meanwhile, in the Upside-Down, Will and the others learn that the only way to stop the horde is to kill Toecutter.  Once this is done, his hold on the others will be lost. Eleven refuses to fight, no longer wanting to be a force of destruction. Johnathan then sacrifices himself to save the others by dragging himself, Toecutter and a live grenade, back through the gate to the Upside-Down.  Moments later, the mind controlled citizens stop their attack, and vomit out the slugs from their stomachs, and life returns to normal.  Johnathan apparently succeeds in killing Toecutter, but at what cost to himself. A funeral follows. As Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas turn to leave, their chainsaw wielding ally approaches and says that he has a book in his possession that can help them find Johnathan.  However, it means going back in time, to the Dark Ages first!

So there it is!  A totally (not really) accurate account for season two of Stranger Things.  What are your predictions?  More horror? More Sci-Fi?  Do tell.  I would love to speculate along with you.  Hope you enjoyed!



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