#FF/Week in Review

Welp, this sure was a week. Ontario students head back to school which means our feeds are choked with photos of smiling lil’ ones with chalkboards or whatnot marking the start of another round pencils, books, and teachers’ desperate gazing at the calendar silently figuring the number of days until Christmas vacation…or in my case, Rogue One.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Gorram Superhero

In the wider world of geekdom, Lin-Manuel Miranda is such a gorram superhero, it’s almost unfair. This guy doesn’t just redefine a genre but simultaneously geeks like a god and raises a family. Miranda rebuilt the Broadway musical with Hamilton: An American Musical which won an obnoxious number of Tony Awards this year. He regularly uses his platform to boost sci-fi and fantasy novels (The Name of the Wind found its’ way into the liner notes for one of Hamilton’s songs). He’s advancing work in film (Disney’s upcoming Moana and Mary Poppins Returns AND the film adaptation of Miranda’s OTHER Tony Award-winning musical, In The Heights) BUT he’s also a family man; Miranda is open and gushing about how his wife and kid have sharpened his work and enriched his life. Miranda was interviewed by GQ and the talk tuned parent-y. Set faces to stunned.


Fifty Years of Trek


On that note, Star Trek turned fifty this week and I think we all turned our inner Trekkie (Trekker? Please.) up to eleven. Despite the hit-and-miss nature of recent franchises (although Star Trek Beyond seems to be a big hit), the impact and lasting resonance of Gene Rodenberry’s magnum opus is undeniable. Our frequent (twice is frequent) guest and good friend, Crystal, took a moment to reflect on the Trek-effect in her own life (READ IT NOW/AGAIN) and we’re still geeking out about it. Highly illogical, I know. With Star Trek: Discovery on the horizon, how can we be anything but hopeful for a new generation of voyages where no man…no ONE…has gone before?

Team Playstation 4: Version Force Go!

Sony, this geek’s brand-of-choice in consoles, hit us up with some good news/bad news. Brace your budget for two new versions of the ps4: Slim (same capabilities of the current ps4 but smaller and cheaper) and Pro (upgraded hardware, 1 Tb hard drive and $400 American dollar price tag).

That’s our weekly roundup. What’s happening with you, geeks? Comment, FB, or Tweet.


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