#VOTD – “Stranger Things” star in Godspell

As if the world wasn’t in love with Gaten Matarazzo (who plays Dustin Henderson) on “Stranger Things” enough,  the geeks here totally just realized that he played Jesus in “the Cast of Godspell 2032.”  This is a real thing people.

This video is from May 23, 2012 and featured a number of up-and-coming Broadway stars. The one-night-only performance featured Gaten Matarazzo as Jesus, Danny Ward as John the Baptist/Judas, Montana Byrne as Anna Maria, Grace Capeless as Celisse, Zoe Considine as Morgan, Jon Viktor Corpuz as Telly, Alec Gallazzi as George, Rebecca Goldfarb as Lindsay, Analise Scarpaci as Uzo, Evan Smolin as Nick, and Holly Block as the swing.

Gaten also played Gavroche in “Les Miserables” on Broadway.

Daaaaaamn this kid is non-stop.



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