Week in Review

Here’s the stories that hit home this week…or at least grabbed my attention for more than a second. Rogue One subbed in WHO to do WHAT? New trailers? Batman’s new threads look a lot like which other hero? …AND a geek goes to war to bring D&D to everyone!


Rogue One gets a new composer

…less than 100 days from opening. I refuse to be worried. All is as the force wills it.

Disney’s “Moana” gets a new trailer

Geek god Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the composers on this one and uber-alpha-geek Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars. Be inspired, then cry in the theatre, then explain to your kids how, “Daddy’s not sad, it’s just so beautiful”. Remember this when your kid sends you a therapy bill.

Zack Snyder revealed pics

…of Nite Owl’s reused costume Batman’s “tactical suit” from the upcoming Justice League film. Internet reacts like: joker_laughing

Personally, I think it’s pretty close to the Dark Knight suit which continues to beg the question, “why didn’t DC launch their shared movie universe after TDKR?” Still haven’t heard a good answer.


Geek Aaron sounds off like a champion

when a Toronto DJ alleges he’d never known a girl to play D&D. Allow us to retort. Real She-Geeks back us up.

disney d&d.jpg

image source: http://www.escapist.com

Downie & Lemire announce “Secret Path” Graphic Novel

“Tragically Hip” frontman and unofficial Canadian poet laureate Gord Downie teams with Canadian superstar artist Jeff Lemire on “Secret Path”, inspired by the true story of Chanie Wenjack, a 12 year old Ojibway boy, who died trying to find his way home from a local Residential school in Kenora in 1966. This is a hot-button story for Canadians and one that, after Downie’s heartfelt plea during the final “Hip” show, broadcast all over Canada on the CBC, we are finally ready to hear. As Gord put it, we aren’t who we think we are.

Something Something…FANEXPO

And, oh yeah, some guys went to some convention. Fan…something or other. Listen to them gab. LISTEN!


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