Tatiana Maslany FTW!

If you have never seen Orphan Black, drop everything and go binge watch it right now!  Don’t wait, just go!  Drop your Timbits and Double-Double, and go find it! I want you to understand why Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany, a who just recently won an Emmy for best actress in a dramatic TV series is so…well…awesome!

Orphan Black is a BBC America (yet filmed in Toronto) television series. In my opinion, it is perhaps one of the greatest, and most original, TV shows to come around since starting in 2013.  The series is about a young woman who discovers that she is not only a clone, but part of a long line of biological experiments and corporate espionage.  It’s got action, intrigue, great dialogue and writing, twists and turns that work well to keep your attention, and represents women in a strong and positive way.

While the series itself is a team (or #cloneclub) effort, it is Ms. Maslany. who steals the show.  Here’s why:

1. She is talented.

She portrays all of her clone counterparts throughout the entire series!  Every clone from Sarah, to Rachel, Helena to Alison, are all unique from each other.  I mean, Tatiana just doesn’t change her costume and switches out of a wig or two to switch from clone to clone.  Each character is so delightfully nuanced that sometimes I have to remind myself it’s the same actress.  Then throw in the times where she portrays a clone, pretending to be another clone.  That’s some mad acting skills right there!

2. She is wise and very well spoken.

More and more, Tatiana is reinforcing her position as a positive role model and spokesperson for women in the TV and Film industry and in general.  You can check out this CBC article here for more insights  on her thoughts about the role women in the entertainment industry.  I am very excited to see her upcoming interview with THE Peter Mansbridge!

3. She is funny as all heck!

Don’t believe me? Have a look at her Instagram account here.  She’s just so darn smiley and looks like she knows how to have a good time.  I mean, why wouldn’t she?  She’s Canadian after all.  Here’s a pic from her Instagram that appeals to my love of Orphan Black and zombies.

“Find your clone.  Save your brother.  Get to the loft.  Sit back.  Have a pint and wait for this whole thing to blow over.” -Courtesy of Tatiana Maslany’s Instagram Account.

I could ramble all day long, on and on about how Tatiana’s win is a win for her talent, the Canadian Film and Television industry, for all women looking for a positive role model in this biased world, but I better stop. Cheers to you Tatiana!  Don’t stop being you!





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