TbT: Prisoners of Gravity

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, public broadcaster TV Ontario ran a thoughtful, intelligent and accessible show called Prisoners of Gravity.  For me, and probably a lot of teenagers at the time, it was a window into a unique universe that only now has become more welcome.

Prisoners of Gravity was a news magazine show that aired from 1989 to 1994, and explored how relevant world issues influenced comic/sci-fi/fantasy/horror/geek culture.  Opinions were expressed through a series of interviews with the leading artistic voices of that era, all lead by talking head Rick Green.

The topics were always engaging (from Chaos Theory to the Aids Crisis), and the subject matter was never dumbed down.  The artist’s voices brought a world of insights into the discussion, but never made the viewers feel like they were excluded from the conversation.  The correlation between content, medium and the world at large was never left out.  Moreover, it made geek culture feel important and relevant, not taboo.

If you can find some episodes of the show, go check them out.  They may look dated, but some of the people interviewed (George R.R. Martin, Alan Moore) are still relevant, along with the greater issues raised.  You got 139 episodes to get through, but at ½ an hour each, you should be able to binge it in no time.

Check out this YouTube link to get started. Prisoners of Gravity – Watchmen Pt. 1


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