Fan made The Adventures of Indiana Jones is the cartoon we all want to see, right now!

Dear big name production studios and anyone else associated with the IP of Indiana Jones: You need to see this!  The Adventures of Indiana Jones by Patrick Schoenmaker, is a short animated opening titles sequence to a hypothetical, dare to dream, TV series of the same name.  All I have to say is well done, Patrick!  You nailed it!

However, before you run off and show this to your kids in an effort to revitalize the Saturday Morning cartoon ritual you loved as a child, be warned. The video is a little more on the PG13+ side of violence and horror themes. It does pay homage wonderfully to all the tropes Indiana Jones is known for, but there are some moments of bloody violence and horror scares that might leave your youngster with a lot of questions and potential nightmares.  That aside, I still got a kick out of it!  Maybe someday this will happen.  Maybe.

Here is the video for you to watch.  Enjoy!




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