Stephen King’s Philosophy on Writing & life…

I like Stephen King.  He’s the kind of inspirational force one needs to reference every once in a while to get the creative fire lit and the wheels of writing moving.  He’s not just an inspiration because he’s such a prolific writer, but because he’s a remarkable, never quit, no nonsense kind of human being.

Especially when you learn he took each rejection letter as a a fledgling writer as a means to improvement.

Especially when you learn he’s battled back from drug and alcohol addiction.

Especially when you learn he bounced back from a horrific car accident that should have ended his life.

Especially when you learn he muscled through such a life altering event to reclaim his craft and career as a writer.

Stephen King is not perfect, mind you.  But he is a fighter.  That’s why I like him…and this infographic.  It’s a curated list of tools and tricks to improve your craft of writing, many lifted from his memoir On Writing.

The book itself is half biography, half instruction manual.  It’s not just about writing, but about living. It’s a philosophy on becoming something more in your life, and that such change is in your hands. I find it fits in with plain and simple life, and parenting, and work and everything.  It may not be the Tao of Jeet-Kune-Do by Bruce Lee, but it still works. It’s about passion.

Here’s the infographic for your perusal.  I hope it inspires.  If not, tough.  That’s the Stephen King in me speaking.  Or maybe it is another spirit I am channeling so close to Halloween. Anyway, enjoy!medium_stephen-king-writing-tips-infographic


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