Which Star Wars character needs a new flick?

Star Wars press is ramping up with Rogue One only a couple of months away.  Recently, Ewan McGregor spoke to a french publication about his willingness to star in another one, or two, Obi-Wan movies, and that Obi-Wan’s story is still worth telling. Don’t drop all your money on the mouse-house just yet!  The truth of the matter is that there is nothing in the works right now, and that no one has been in touch with McGregor for such an awesome project.  Personally, I think it would be amazing if someone at Disney jumped on this.  I would definitely be in line to see this happen.  In the meantime, let’s play a little game called, “Who REALLY deserves a Star Wars solo project?”

1. The Bounty Hunters –


Not just a Boba Fett solo flick, I mean an honest to goodness, rogues gallery of badass bad guys on the hunt for a major prize.  It becomes a caper movie with the villains in the starring roles, and if done right, no Jedi or Skywalkers to bog it down either. We can explore lots of locations and connections to the Star Wars universe through the criminal organizations that populate it.  Maybe this could be a glimpse into the world of the failed 1313?  Right now, bad guys are bank, thanks to Deadpool.  Who wouldn’t want to hear IG-88 and Bossk trade quips about who gets the cash, and who gets gun?

2. Mara Jade –


I know she is no longer part of the Star Wars cannon per se, but dang it, she needs not only an introduction into the Star Wars universe, but a solo movie to do so.  There is hope that the once Hand of the Emperor can be brought back into the lime light thanks to Rebels and the reemergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Until then, imagine a young Mara Jade and the life she led before being instructed to kill Luke Skywalker.

3. The Zeppos –

Some of my favourite episodes of Star Trek and Buffy are when the show breaks away from the main cast to focus on the co-stars, the “also rans”, or the Zeppos and how they too could be heroes for just one day.  These ineffectual character(s) in the Star Wars universe are of course the labourers on the Death Star, or the peons on latrine duty and weed detail on Endor, or the guy schlepping bantha burgers for the troops on Tatooine, or the forgotten Stormtrooper that’s always left behind by his friends because he’s just too short for everything.  How great would this be?  A movie about these hapless souls, brought together by one individual to make a difference; To be an integral part of the Empire.  A group of nobodys who turn the tide in favour of the Empire.  Their mission?  To make sure Death Star II is ready for Lord Vader’s visit!  It’s Waiting for Guffman meets Star Wars! I wonder what Kevin Smith would think of this?

So who would you like to see have their own Star Wars movie?  Let us know!  We’d love to hear it!  Cheers!


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