Which games deserve a sequel?

This could be exciting news.  Rockstar has been dropping some hints on social media that Red Dead Redemption 2 could be on its way.  I dove into Redemption years ago and long to return again. (I know…very Westworld-ian!)  Whether it is a sequel, a redux, or some other format, let me know so I can give you all my money!  So it got me thinking; which games would I love to see an amazing sequel or follow up to?


Duke Nukem – When you cannot deliver on your promise some 20 years later for a sequel to one of the best games in the world, you need to take a mulligan and try again.  Bring me a new Duke Nukem that has not only a fun story, but plenty of co-op and PvP options to boot.  Let’s do this!


Tie Fighter – Bring me some more ship-to-ship action!  Give me a story that feels like it has some weight to it.  Imagine taking part in the Battle of Jakku as the Empire falls and the First Order is born.  That would be a blast.

Day of the Tentacle (by proxy any and all of the LucasArts adventure games) – More adventure games for a new generation.  The art of true storytelling in video games comes from a great story one can feel like they are a part of, especially in a world that feels bigger than you.  I think some of the classic LucasArts games should be brought back in an epic shared universe idea.  Zak McKrakken finally faces off against Purple Tentacle!  LeChuck crosses paths with Bernard!  Epicness waiting to happen!

Which video games do you feel need a solid sequel?  Which sequels need to be redone?  Let us know! Enjoy!


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