Party Like It’s 1799: Hamilton Doc on PBS Tonight!

It’s four hours to Hamiltime, Geeks. PBS is airing AND STREAMING their new doc on the making of Hamilton: An American Musical. Hamilton’s America is on in four hours so we’ve got a little bit time to do this right.

How does a loudmouth, fanboy, internet jabberjaw with a website sit down and try to write all the things you need to properly enjoy this musical extravaganza, this piece of positive Americana.

..and while Clinton and Trump hammer away at your faith in humanity and democracy you should watch this to build your guard up. It’s a story of discovering a forgotten founding father so sit, watch, sing along, and join in our blather.

You need:

  • 3 pints of Sam Adams Lager: Drink two pints quickly then work on the third. It’s the Lawrens’ way.
  • A real 1790’s Meal: Mushroom Fricassee, Ragout of Beef, Butter Chicken, Vegetables the Dutch Way:  I think the veggies are Stamppot – mashed potatoes with mixed veggies. I’m assuming butter chicken is the basically the same as it is today and the ragout is a kind of beef stew.
  • Marlboro Pudding: Not actually related to cigarettes. Has apples and eggs…so kind of like an apple meringue pie? Let’s find out together.
  • A pair of waterguns for duelling. Feel free to substitute marshmallow launchers. The single-shot factor might make it more realistic.
  • Some Hamilton karaoke. You’ll be at least 3 pints in. You were going to sing anyways.

Okay, we’ve got about four and half hours until PBS streams Hamilton’s America. Make it happen, Geeks.


PS – I probably won’t have time to do any of this except for the Sam Adams…and maybe the singing.



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