Magic Monday: Great Set, Bad Deck

So, I’m a huge Magic nerd. I try to deny it, try to ignore it, but every few years I dive back in..and this time around, I’m reeeeeeal happy that I did. The new expansion set, Kaladesh, is a lot of fun. However, as you will so see, I have no idea what I’m doing. So, long-time (possibly) listner (possibly) Stew will be providing commentary as I, rather than build my usual Legacy/multiplayer deck, I tried to build a Standard, tournament style deck. Behold my failures, reader, and be amused.

Szpirs: If you’ve never played Magic: the Gathering (or MTG), this is a great set to start with. There seems to be a big focus on creatures and combat rather than complicated spell-based combos. Creatures have lots of cool abilities that can boost small creatures when they attack (energy), create many small creatures or one larger one (fabricate), and complicate blocking (menace). The big fun for me, though, is vehicles! Unlike equipment, which stays attached to one creature (unless you re-equip it), vehicles sit on the board like any other artifact and let you tap creatures to transform it into a creature. Instead of boosting the ‘driver’, the vehicle becomes it’s own creature at no risk to the crew, basically letting you swap one creature for another in combat.

So, naturally, once I grabbed my pre-release box (from which I built a terrible black/red burn deck that got CRUSHED) and fat pack, I started building a vehicle deck. My pulls weren’t the best for it, so I put some big creatures in it to compensate. The Metalwork Colossus is a huge creature whose frightening 11-mana casting cost is reduced for each non-creature artifact under your control. One or two large vehicles, and he’s cheap-as-free. Strategy wise, my goal is to get lots of servos/token creatures/weenies on the table, drop some vehicles for them to drive, use burn to control the table, and (if all else fails…) swing with the colossi. Help me help me help me.

Stew: So just off the top of my head a sealed or draft deck usually sits at 40 cards 15-17 lands maximum sequestered stash is horrible, only active at turn 5 if you hit land every turn. And then you mill yourself to get 1 artifact back. And for a burn deck you only have 2 burn spells, they are good but not enough to build a deck around. You have Chandra which is bomb dot com and from there you could of gone mono red with artifacts to over run people.

The (not s0) Fast and (could be more) Furious


  • 11 Plains
  • 10 Mountains
  • 2 Sequestered Stash


  • Angel of Invention x1
  • Metalwork Colossus x2
  • Veteran Motorist x1
  • Aviary Mechanic x1
  • Spireside Infiltrator x1
  • Pia Nalaar x1
  • Glint-Sleeve Mechanic  x1


  • Chandra’s Pyrohelix x3
  • Welding Sparks x1
  • Built to Last x2
  • Furious Reprisal x1
  • Start Your Engines x1
  • Servo Exhibition x2


  • Cogworker’s Puzzleknot x4
  • Prophetic Prism x2
  • Inventor’s Goggles x3
  • Fireforgers Puzzleknot x2
  • Ovalchase Dragster x1
  • Aradara Express x3
  • Renegade Frieghter x2
  • Ballista Charger x2
  • Freewheel Cruiser x1


  • Chandra, Torch of Defiance

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