Clinton vs Trump: Epic Rap Battles of History (NSFW)

Y’know, I was just thinking they wouldn’t do it. The Epic Rap Battles of History team has a tradition of dropping a rap battle between the presidential nominees going back to Obama and Romney but this election cycle has been a bit more….tense than previous American elections. I thought that, maybe, this one was just a bit too hot for them.

Wrong again, Szpirs.

Fair warning, the video is crazy partisan. It’s pretty clear where the majority of ERB’s team sits on the nominees but they give both sides the mic and the rappers, Kimmy Gatewood as Clinton and EpicLLOYD as Trump, bring their best. Watch for the traditional presidential cameo at the end. It’s as spot-on an editorial on the whole mess as I could ever manage.

What did you think? Too partisan, basically right-on, or did they miss something key?


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