Top Ten Tuesday: Teams that need a second chance!

With the announcement that Young Justice is getting a third season, the Geeks with Kids wondered what other teams need to get the band back together for one last kick at the can?

Today, we will highlight the groups that were cut short in their prime;  cancelled too soon due to poor ratings; given up on because they grew old in the tooth; or just plain old forgotten about and never given the second chance they deserve.

So for your top ten enjoyment today, we salute the squads, the gangs, the groups,  and teams that we want to see…one…more…time! Even if for one night only… (Cue the Michael Bay exploding title!)

10. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!

Other than the Bakshi Spider-Man of the 1960s, this is the one  iteration of Spider-Man I remember fondly from my childhood. It tripped more on the fun and campy side of the Spidey spectrum, kind of like Batman 66 did, never taking itself too seriously but providing enough action to keep me hooked for three seasons.  I think SM&HAF could do well in this day and age, especially because more parents are looking for kid friendly, entry level versions of their favourite heroes to introduce to their own children.  I mean, if Rescue Bots can do well, then so can these guys!  Bring them back, true believers!

9. Monster Squad

Yes, bring these kids back!  I want to see them as adults having to face off against a new horde of monsters that are inspired by/direct copies of those found in the horror flicks of the 80s and 90s.  They can pass the torch of monster hunting down to their kids and teach them how to kick some serious, Wolfman nards! You’re in Monster Squad!

8. TNG‘s Junior Officer Squad from the episode “Below Decks”

I love it when mainstream shows bench their starting lineup and focus on the B-squad (i.e. the Zeppo from Buffy) for a few episodes.  This is a squad that had a great dynamic right from the get go.  It wasn’t faked or forced, but felt natural.  They felt like friends for a long time, that there’s a rich history waiting to be uncovered.  We do get to see one or two of these characters pop up individually in a variety of other Star Trek shows, but we never see this team together ever again.  It’s a tease actually. It would be nice to see how they come back together for a common goal and how they have grown since their individual adventures.  Beam them up, O’Brian!

7. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

If you grew up in the 90s, you want to see this team return more than anything.  However, I’m worried that the new adaptation of CPatP is going to be too teen angsty and CW-esque (like the new Power Rangers trailer) that it’s going to make me want to throw a sack of dirty diapers in the river!  If CP is ever going to make a return to the big or small screen, it’s gotta feel relevant, not cheesy.  It must be educational, but not too violent (I’m looking at you Planet Earth II) aaaaaaaand…it also has to have lots of…wait for it…waaaaait…HEART! (And Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, yadda yadda yadda).  Go, Planet!  You’re on board!

6 & 5.  The Bloodhound Gang & The Edison Twins

Deep cut time. In the 1980s, The Children’s Television Workshop launched a TV series in North America called 3-2-1 Contact; a pre-Bill Nye TV show that showcased science as a fun and exciting subject for kids.  At the end of each episode, the daily scientific lessons were reinforced through short segments called “The Bloodhound Gang”. In these vignettes, three teenage gumshoes, lead by a plucky, female protagonist, would use science to solve a kid friendly crime or mystery.  Imagine Scooby Doo, but with some real science to save the day, not a faulty Rube Goldberg device.

Meanwhile, around the same time back in Canada, eh, CBC television launched their own teenage, science-sleuth team called The Edison Twins where once again science provided the answers to some down to earth mysteries.

Both shows, by and large, were a little melodramatic, but it was still grounded in the reality of scientific theory and exploration.  I think shows like this, that demonstrate to kids that they can use these ideas and concepts in real world ways needs to be front and center in this modern age.  More so, because these teams were led by girls that used and understood, and LOVED science!  These are the kinds of positive role models children need all around. Welcome back, team science fair!

4. The X-Men: TAS


With the X-Men franchise starting to wind down with Logan and the troublesome Deadpool 2 being, troublesome we need a team of mutants to make a come back and save the day.  I’d like to see a new X-Men animated series that goes back to the start. Maybe not a origin level start, but bring it back to basics and rebuild from there to maintain some sense of continuity.  Then switch out the pairings and team members once in a while.  You can bench Cyclops though…let’s bring in some underused, and flawed characters to highlight a new team.  One with a little character.  You’re in, bub!

3. ThunderCats, TigerSharks & SilverHawks in one show!

If you’re going to go all Avengers/Marvel/Disney in this list, you have to mashup ThunderCats, with TigerSharks and the rock-and-rolla kings of the sky, the SilverHawks in to one glorious show!  Forget separate series!  You want all this 80s awesomeness in one place, all at once!  You might even be able to strike a deal with TMNT, and the Street Sharks too!  Netflix cannot wait to get their hands on this property!  They’ll call it SilThunTigerCatSharkHawks! Jump on in mashup of aweomse!  Join us!  HO!

2. Wesley Crusher and his Starfleet Academy Crew from TNG “The First Duty”.

 Here’s another JV TNG crew that should have had more play.  Granted, Cela does pop up in the Junior Office Squad, but this team was laying the ground work for a TNG/Red Dawn arc in a future Star Trek property.  I mean, imagine this team showing up in the Dominion Wars for DS9, or as part of Janeway’s crew, or given a solo adventure directed by Bryan Singer!  I really liked this group because it shows that even good characters can do bad things.  A trope I wish got more time in Star Trek on the whole.  This could have been the team to do that.  A team that bails on Starfleet and goes into business for themselves as young mercenaries.  A team on the losing side of a battle, that finds their own ship and has to make a living…hey…wait a minute…!

1.  Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity

You knew this had to be the number one pick in the whole Gorram verse, right?  We’re going on 15 years since Captain Tightpants Reynolds and his crew first flew into the black. Only, we never did get season 2, did we Fox?! We all know this is the team we really want to see more of.  It would be amazing to see the crew back one more time, for one more job.  Even though they’re all getting older.  That would be the fun in it.  Can you go home again? Joss, I am sure would have a field day with that idea.  Now, more than ever, it feels like the star could align and we could get that next season.  And yet, sometimes, it feels like no power in the verse will make this happen.  Maybe someday we will see it.  Until then, dare to dream.

Thoughts?  We we right or wrong on any of these teams getting another crack at bat?  Did we miss one that needs to be added?  Let us know in the comments below!


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