Marvel gets Maul’d

So, what do you call a prequel to a prequel? A preprequel? Well, Marvel is going to have to figure it out because Darth Maul is getting his own five-issue miniseries as part of Marvel’s canonical Star Wars tie-in’s.


Set before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Luke Ross (not Alex Ross, calm down), the series will explore Maul’s tutelage under Darth Sidious. Bunn is a prolific writer with a long history at Marvel with runs on Deadpool, X-men, Magneto‘s solo book, Venom, and the upcoming Monsters Unleashed crossover event. Don’t worry folks; everyone’s favourite Sith Lord in is good hands.

Darth Maul #1 is scheduled to release in February. Who’s in? – Szpirs


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