#TBT: ICQ turns 20 years

Uh-oh!  What’s that you feel?  Is that the cold breathe of death?  It might possibly be because this week marks the 20th anniversary of ICQ.  The 20th… anniversary.  20th!! There are university students that are younger than ICQ.  *Shudder

That’s right, one of the internet’s most popular chat app is now 20 years old having been initially released on November 15, 1996 by Israeli students. By 1997, it was readily available on Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Mac.

And who could forget this memorable sound?

Yeah… that reminds me of residence life.whatis_lite

Chatting online back in the day was simpler, at least in terms of technology used. There were only a handful of chatting apps and this was before MSN Messenger took out the competition.  ICQ was simple and every user was assigned a number — kind of like a ID number.  You could gather your friends’ ICQ numbers like you could grab their phone numbers.

Oddly enough it’s still available today, although it’s hard to say why you would use it instead of texting.  But either way, log into your old ICQ and see if there are people still on it.  I did today… and surprisingly enough, there were.

Happy 20th, ICQ! Many happy returns.


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