Fake Twitter Accounts Worth Following!

Oh Trump! You had to pick a fight with Hamilton the Musical, didn’t you?! You just couldn’t let it go.  Then your easily lead herd of sheep had to take the Twitter fight further by condemning Hamilton Theatre Inc., for ruining the event!  Your Drumphites flooded HTI’s  feed with hate, and virtual shouts of agression and how they are going to boycott the show and form a protest and…wait…what’s that? Hamilton Theatre is not associated with Hamilton, the Musical? One’s on Broadway?  The other is a theatre company found in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada?!  How could you possibly confuse the two!?  I mean…ah never mind… In the spirit of the current state of Twitter confusion, I thought I might take a stab at sharing some favourite fake Twitter accounts for you to enjoy!  Don’t get let them fool you.  They’re all fake!

Riker Googling

He’s got questions.  Lots of them.  Sometimes inappropriate ones.  Sometimes he has queries about his beard. Most recently, Riker has been asking questions about how Gul Dukat got eleceted into power.  I can’t believe they gave him his own ship! Admiral Janeway needs to do something about this clown!

Emo Kylo Ren

I could talk about Emo Kylo, but that wouldn’t be cool. Stop calling me for dinner, mom!  I’m listening to my music!  Leave me alone! God, I wish this kid would shut up!

President Trump

This is more like it!  I mean this guy sounds like he’s got it all together.  Leave the Trump alone you haters!  Let’s make the theatre safe again!

Bad Father Han

No wonder Kylo turned out the way he did.  I mean, call the authorities on this deadbeat dad already!

And finally, Dad Joke Han Solo.

Why do I hear “Wah-Wah-Wah!” every time I read this guy’s feed?  Ugh.  He has time for two Twitter feeds, and not enough time for his son?  What’s up with that noise?!

Have any fun and fake Twitter accounts?  Let us know in the comments below!  Cheers!


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