“Lorelei (and Rory) are the worst” or “My love-hate relationship with Gilmore Girls”

No doubt, if your Facebook looks anything like mine, then you know that the revival mini-series of Gilmore Girls is just around the corner. How close? November 25th.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a Gilmore Girls fan growing up even though man of my friends were (including my wife) which meant I had some catching up to do.  And after two months of watching , I’m 7 season in and rounding second base at episode 14. That being said, I have to say that Lorelei and Rory are just the worst. The goddamn worst…

I think maybe my biggest issue is that I’m not the target audience for this show because being a mid-30s father, I cannot get behind the character of Lorelei.  Nothing wrong with Lauren Graham as an actress, I genuinely feel like she’s a great actress – it’s just that, for me, Lorelei acts like a spoiled 4 year-old.

Lorelei is so incredibly stubborn and self-absorbed (and I’m in season 7 right now so I don’t see this changing anytime before the end of the series).

I’m pretty sure Lorelei or Rory’s story arc each season has been something like this:

Lorelei and Rory
– “Hey look, we’re quirky and fun and soooo unique”

An incident occurs that causes strife.

Lorelei and Rory
– “Oh no, something bad has happened… let’s not talk about it and hide it from our loved ones”

The loved ones find out about said incident.

Lorelei and Rory
– “What should we do? No one was supposed to find out.  That’s okay, I’m sure people will forgive us because we’re quirky and fun.”

Time passes and people forgive them.

Ugh… also why does she hate her parents so much still? From what I can tell, they were pretty good.  They tried to give her everything they thought would be good for her… sure they were controlling and super-critical but it seemed to me that they did this all out of love.  It wasn’t some sort of agenda to ruin her life.

Of all the people you meet in your life, your parents are probably going to be the most critical about everything you do because they’ve invested so much, emotionally, in you.

Actually now that I’m writing about how horribly she treated her parents, it seems like she treats everyone in her life horribly.  Max?  Horrible.  Christopher?  Horrible (although he treated her horribly too)  Luke?  Horrible.

Now let’s talk about Rory or who me and my friends have deemed “the one that was sorta adorable in the first couple seasons and then becomes insufferable.”  The fact that she tries to act like she’s not a high class person even though everything has been paid for her, just rubs me the wrong way.  She also has that whole “better-than-everyone” vibe to her.

Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like I dislike Gilmore Girls but I really don’t.  I think the writing is quippy and the acting is great.  I think the relationship between Rory and Lorelei is great – a parent can only hope that their kid grows up to be great friends with them.

I think what does it for me is the secondary character – each with a unique personality and just acted perfectly.

Paris Gellar = amazing.  She’s probably my favourite character. Smart, quippy, hilarious. She’s the best.

But Kirk is also up there.  His character is so incredibly down-to-earth, funny and nice.

Richard, Babbette, Ms. Patty, Lane, Michel, Jackson… generally all of the secondary character are great.  Sookie, I enjoy although she seems to have gotten sillier as the seasons went on (for no good reason other than she had children).

That being said, I am excited for Friday to come around and I’ll be sitting there with my wife. Hopefully I can finish half a season before then.  Wish me luck!

Additional Thoughts:

  • Szpirs was talking about how I could watch Gilmore Girls and see it as a prequel to Supernatural, Heroes and Jessica Jones
    • Because of this, all I could think of was how Dean left Stars Hollow, changed his name to Sam, went to University and then finally went on a long road-trip with his brother who was also named Dean.
  • The Kim family was hard for me to watch being an Asian who was raised in a Catholic household.  Not that it was on television, it was more the stereotypical portrayal of a hardass Asian household.  I don’t know, that just bothered me.
  • When Carole King appeared on the show, my brain almost blew up.
  • It seems odd to me that the thumbnail image for Gilmore Girls on Netflix is of Jess. What, they couldn’t find a good image of Lorelei and Rory?
  • I did not realize that Sean Gunn was part of this show. Seeing him as Kirk after seeing him in his brother’s movies just threw me off.  (His brother is James Gunn, you should check out his movies)
  • I’m going to miss Richard in the new series.

2 thoughts on ““Lorelei (and Rory) are the worst” or “My love-hate relationship with Gilmore Girls”

  1. I think it’s amazing how makeup and styling can help to transform an actor. After watching Lauren Graham in Parenthood, I wondered if I would be able to see her as Lorelai ever again. Even in the trailer, without even hearing a full sentence, she looks like Lorelai again. I can’t see Sarah Braverman anymore. Lauren Graham is awesome 🙂 Now that Jess is in This Is Us, it might be hard to believe in his character again though. Like you, I will miss Richard but think it’s lovely that they are paying homage to him in the new one.

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