25 Years of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The passage of time is a horrible thing and what better way to defy it than taking a look at Nintendo’s SNES opus, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Spoilers: there is no better way)? I was deep in the throes of middle school when this gem dropped and, believe me, no one was prepared. Check out this commercial and try to be less than super-pumped.

Sure, we’d Zelda’d before. Mapping overland and dungeons, puzzling which areas would be accessible by which items, and figuring out enemy attack patterns were all familiar to us from the NES games. However, Zelda 3 (that’s what we called it) added a few innovative twists: a second ‘dark world’ map that coexisted and interacted with the main map, two types of water (shallows in which you could walk or deep water that needed an item to swim in), and a story that moved characters in the present while discovering what had happened in the past.

LttP innovated in another key way; the localisation and translation was much improved from the NES games. Witness:

The magic meter, dash attack, chargeable sword attack, the deep history and mythology of the setting…they all blossom in this instalment…the game that changed Zelda from a good time to epic storytelling. Come along with us, and live in the memories…


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