STOP. EVERYTHING. Hamilton Creator to helm KINGKILLER CHRONICLE Adaptations

Seriously. STOP. Nothing you learn today will be as important as this. (But Szpirs, I’m learning how to use a particle accelerator to probe the deepest secrets of the universe) SHUT UP. This is more important.

Patrick Rothfuss’ indescribably gorgeous fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle is being adapted by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton: An American Musical and Disney’s Moana. Why should you care? Only because this will make everything better. Seriously. This might redeem 2016 as a year. <– THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

The reports that Miranda will be the creative producer of  feature film and TV series adaptation for Lionsgate AND will produce and be a “musical mastermind,” – he’ll be composing original music, as well as writing songs AND has an option to stage  adaptations of the books as well. What does this mean?? This means you’ll be watching the run-up to each movie every week on network TV (or binging it on Netflix or similar) while you order tickets to the movie while standing in line to see the play.

According to the Wrap article, screenwriter Lindsay Beer, a relative newcomer, will be writing the adaption of The Name of the Wind, the first book in the series, with Miranda’s TV series focusing on developing new characters and fleshing out the lore and setting. It sounds to me like the films will be the “Episodes” of Kvothe’s life while the TV series will be the “Stories” of related characters and/or places.

Ambitious? Sure…but Miranda is absolutely the right one for the job…the ONLY one for this job. The Kingkiller Chronicle (KKC) is a massively absorbing story of Kvothe (rhymes with “quote”, according to Rothfuss), a polymath genius who is orphaned in decidedly Westeros-y world. Kvothe’s mastery of magic emerges from his background as a performer and much pomp and circumstance are given to the learning, playing, and power of music (That’s right, DM’s. Everyone’s rollin’ BARDS, now). In order to discover the identities of the people who killed his family, he works his way into the University – Hogwarts with a vicious, realist streak – and finds himself quickly embroiled in a much older, broader conflict.


I’m not nearly doing it justice. Rothfuss’ mastery of language and use of story-within-a-story to build lore and move the plot is so far beyond any of his peers that it’s obscene. I love George RR as much as the next fantasy geek but, honestly, it’s knife-to-a-gunfight. Tolkien is, literally (haha puns) the only comparison. That is, of course, if the long awaited third book lives up to the previous two.

Any adaptation of KKC will need a deep understanding of performance, actors, and musicians as well swords and sorcery – a task for which Miranda, a well-documented, outspoken, and proselytising geek, is uniquely suited. His mutual admiration with Rothfuss is equally well-known; a chapter from The Name of the Wind is credited with inspiring a song in Hamilton.

Why is this news so important? You’re watching the next Middle Earth being born right in front of you (seriously, you can watch Rothfuss edit the third book on Twitch). Read up and get ready, Geeks. This is the next one.



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