Watch Netflix Offline? Take my money!

Woah woah woah!  Christmas comes early you say?! How’s that possible?

“Let me tell you Timmy!”

“Netflix?  What are you doing here?!”

“I’m here to tell you that you can start downloading select Netflix shows and movies, so that you can take me anywhere you want!  Even on your road-trip to Grandma Jones’ house this Christmas!”

“Excuse me a second…”

That’s right.  Yesterday, Netflix announced that select TV shows and films will be available for download so that you can watch them EVERYWHERE!

This may be in response to Amazon Prime Video, who has been allowing downloads of some of their content for sometime now.  Also, Amazon Prime Video is about to land in Canada.  Guess Netflix needed to go all in and save its bacon.

I look forward to this new innovation next summer as I binge Stranger Things 2 up north at my cottage!


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