Sense8 comes home for Christmas

“Hey Netflix!  Last week’s announcement of downloadable content was pretty sweet!”

“Yeah it was pretty BA, wasn’t it?  However, did you want to see what I have behind door number 2 right now?  And, just in case your curiosity isn’t piqued, let me just say it has something to do with…oh…I don’t know…Sense8 returning to Netflix!  Interested?”

“You had me at door number 2!”

That’s right folks!  After a long hiatus, the sleeper, original series hit of 2015, Sense8, is coming back to Netflix with an all new season on May 5 th, 2017.

However, before you panic that May is such a long way off, do not fret.  Netflix will be dropping a 2-hour Sense8 Christmas special on December 23rd to tide you over.

Sense8 is a sci/fi drama about 8 individuals from around the world that are telepathically connected to each other.  From time to time, they can share their skills, experiences and their abilities with each other whenever danger arises.  It’s full of twists and turns and made up of an ensemble cast that work so well together that each episode is a delight.  It also has an awesome 4 Non-Blondes moment that is sure to make you sing!

So go binge Season 1, before your Christmas Turkey bender, and then go watch that Christmas Special!  Doctor Who be jealous?  Nah.  It’s all good!  It’s just like visiting multiple family members over the holidays.  You make time for everyone.  Enjoy!


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