Westworld in 2018? But I want it now!

It’s been about a day for me since watching the Westworld finale.  It sure did deliver on filling in the gaps and tying up the loose ends.  Didn’t quite like the exposition elements to explain the mysteries away.  None the less, it was still a loaded episode.  But it looks like we’re going to have to wait until 2018 for Westworld to return to HBO.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Nolan had this to say about holding back Westworld until 2018.

Definitely not coming back until 2018. Look, we said to the network very early that this was a different kind of show, having gone through the experience of making the pilot…we knew for ourselves that going forward, the production is enormously challenging and ambitious, and so is the writing. So we said very early on that we wouldn’t be able to turn this around every year, and knowing full well that that’s been a time-honored tradition in television. But in film, my other life, on the Batman movies, the best we could do is turn another one around in three years. I really feel like we’re splitting the difference here.

What are your thoughts.  Can you wait?  Will you go back and watch Season 1 again and see if there were some clues you missed to the big reveals in the finale?  Let us know in the comments below.


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