Woo-Ooh! DuckTales set to relaunch!

Gummi Bears.  Darkwing Duck. Tailspin. The list of classic Disney TV shows from the 90s goes on and on. If you grew up in this era, chances are you are familiar with at least one of these shows.  Well get ready, everyone.  Your childhood is about to take a u-turn from the past, into the present. Your #throwbackThursday is swinging around for another pass! DuckTales is coming back to TV.

Set to return in 2017, Disney Television Animation and Disney XD have announced the return of DuckTales by dropping a teaser trailer to get you pumped up.

Not much in the way of revealing any characters.  But I do like the nod to the original music.  Catchy, ain’t it? Now all we need is a gritty, CW-esque reboot of Gargoyles, with some sort of Marvel cross-over, and I’m good for the next little while.  What do you think?  Awesome, or “Go back and get some original material, Disney!”?  Leave a comment below! Cheers!


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