Saturday Morning Cartoon: TMNT – Mario Paint Edition

Do you remember Mario Paint? It was great. It came with a mouse and mouse-pad. It had a cool mini-game where you swatted the heck out of flies. It turned your Super Nintendo Entertainment System into a media machine where you could create pictures, music, and short animations.

This game was the portal for lots of young future-animators (Seriously, you guys) and continues to be a robust platform for creating…time-waste-y internet cartoons. Now, I know what you’re thinking; Szpirs, why hasn’t someone taken the classic cartoons of the 90’s and animated them on this most-90’s of platforms? Someone has, geeks. Someone has.

Mike Matei of Cinema Massacre has achieved the dream. He painstakingly animated the title sequence for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) cartoon – practically frame by frame. Check out the video and stay to the end for a Making-Of segment (there’s a separate video that describes the process in detail). Grab a sugar-cereal and enjoy.


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