Spoilers and Speculations: Luke Cage

There are two types of people when it comes to consuming stories. Those who speculate and those who savour. I’m a speculator. I’m always trying to figure out what happens next. If you’ve seen Season one of Marvels Luke Cage and you also like to guess what’s coming next then this one’s for you.

Mariah Black
As soon as Councilwoman Black heard that Luke was bulletproof she asked without skipping a beat ‘can you drown him?’ and I got the feeling she would be the next big villan. My prediction for her in season 2 is that she will be given a snake moniker like Cottonmouth and Diamondback before her. My money’s on ‘Black Mamba’

There are no shades of grey for Shades everything is black and white. ‘Never question my loyalty’ he said to Zip shortly before killing him. My prediction for Shades is that he is still 100% loyal to Diamondback and everything with Mariah is an act. What I really want to know is what inspires that loyalty. Could it be love?

As soon as the doctor from Seagate said that the treatment only worked on Luke because of his DNA you had to know his brother was next. Seeing the doctor draw the curtain at the end of the final episode was no surprise to me. I suspect that the doctor will have trouble making the treatment work for Diamondback and that the doctor will let it slip that Claire was very helpful last time he had a problem. But how will they motivate Claire?

Misty Knight
Misty is not doing to well at the end of season 1 and is going to do some soul searching in season 2. She may even quit the police force. I predict that Misty will somehow save the day perhaps even by sacrificing herself. Perhaps Diamondback will use her as a lure to force Claire to help him since those two recently bonded while knocking out Shades.if she survives she will reluctantly rejoin the police force with a new less idealistic perspective on her work.

Claire Temple
Claire wants to help and is frustrated. At the end of season 1 we see her take some information about martial arts so she’s obviously going to be stronger next season. My prediction for Claire is that she will be forced to help the doctor turn Diamondback into a super powered villan. Because of this she will blame herself for the damage he causes. Perhaps even the death of Misty Knight or her Mother. Claire is all over the Marvel universe and one thing always holds true in Marvel : with great power comes great responsibility. Getting stronger and getting involved has consequences.


Luke Cage
Luke is going back to prison. I suspect that even though Fish has his get out of jail free card that it will still take some time to get him out. 1 year, 2 years? When he gets out Fish will have turned Pop’s shop into something else. I predict it will be a boxing gym. Luke has skills there and it gives an easy way for new combat ready Claire to reconnect with him. Since they were never official and time has passed I bet Luke doesn’t seek her out right away or expect to pick up where they left off. Boxing also gives Luke something to offer young men to keep them out of trouble, just like Pop did.

There you have it. Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 predictions. Did I miss something? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below


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