Episode 73: Marty and Mike’s TV Teardown!

This week, while the Geeks are away, join Marty, and old but new Geek, Mike, as they cut their way through the upcoming horde of TV nostalgia reboot faire.   Continue reading “Episode 73: Marty and Mike’s TV Teardown!”


Episode 69: Marty and Aaron’s Excellent Adventure!

This week, Marty and Aaron team up to discuss the awesome new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, Star Wars Celebration and some twisty tangents that touch on Bill and Ted, Aaron Sorkin, Dr. Who and horror movies from back in the day.  Will Aaron pen the Jay and Silent Bob v. Bill and Ted crossover event?  Which geek property does Marty think would be a shoe in for their own annual Celebration?  Will the impending thunderstorm put the kaybash on this week’s podcast?  Find out on Geeks with Kids! Continue reading “Episode 69: Marty and Aaron’s Excellent Adventure!”

Episode 65: So long Hugh, and thanks for all the SNIKT!

This week, Aaron, James and Mark bid a fond farewell to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of their favourite Canadian mutant as they talk about Logan, the best Wolverine cinematic moments, the new Deadpool 2 teaser, and which comic book movies need the “R” treatment. … Continue reading Episode 65: So long Hugh, and thanks for all the SNIKT!

#ThrowbackThursday: Adventure Game Roundup Volume 1

It’s been swell seeing the adventure game genre make a strong comeback.  Telltale Games’ boasts a rather impressive library of titles right now, including Batman, Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Even old favourites are getting the reboot treatment!  So today, let’s pay homage to some of the titles of yesterday that perhaps inspired this resurgence in deep story telling. Continue reading “#ThrowbackThursday: Adventure Game Roundup Volume 1”

#ThrowbackThursday – The View Askewniverse (Ranked by Me!) – Some NSFW

With the news of Kevin Smith getting ready to go back to the View Askew well with a brand new Jay and Silent Bob movie, I thought it would be fun to take a look at his New Jersey “Trillogy”,  and rank them in order of awesomeness. PS – Some clips and other words might be NSFW today so beware!

Continue reading “#ThrowbackThursday – The View Askewniverse (Ranked by Me!) – Some NSFW”