“Destiny 2” September launch date, pre-release beta

Looks like we’ve finally gotten our first look at Bungie’s upcoming “Destiny 2”. Continue reading ““Destiny 2” September launch date, pre-release beta”


Top 10 Tuesday: Superhero Fall-Outs

Last week, director Tim Miller stepped away from Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 and, no matter how amicable the parting may have been, there’s no denying that an amazing duo has been broken up. This parting of the ways has me looking into comics history to take a look at fictitious partings that, while they may not have messed up a movie, left a deep, indelible mark. Dive in an leave your own top 10 (or corrections to mine) in the comments.

Here’s the List (SPOILER WARNING…on decades old stories, mostly) Continue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: Superhero Fall-Outs”