First look at Lin-Manuel Miranda in “Mary Poppins Returns”

Following the first look of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, the first photo of “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in the feature has popped up online. Continue reading “First look at Lin-Manuel Miranda in “Mary Poppins Returns””


VOTD: “The West Wing” + Lin-Manuel Miranda = Amazingness

Fans of “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda are probably not surprised by his love of “The West Wing”. Previously he created a “West Wing”-ish video in the actual White House for the #Ham4Ham lottery and now, with The West Wing Weekly, he’s created a music video for the actual show. Continue reading “VOTD: “The West Wing” + Lin-Manuel Miranda = Amazingness”

Episode 51: GWK with a Side of DRD

This week, join geeks Szpirs and Aaron, as they welcome back special guests, Kristi and Marc from Dance Robot Dance!  Listen in as Marc and Kristi face off against Szpirs’ Geek Compass test and discuss the debacle that is Hamilton-Gate!  Will the Geeks steal any more DRD material and jokes?  Is Star Trek Generations really that bad?  Will Kristi eat some ice cream on mic? Find out, today on Geeks with Kids! Continue reading “Episode 51: GWK with a Side of DRD”

Fake Twitter Accounts Worth Following!

Oh Trump! You had to pick a fight with Hamilton the Musical, didn’t you?! You just couldn’t let it go.  Then your easily lead herd of sheep had to take the Twitter fight further by condemning Hamilton Theatre Inc., for ruining the event!  Your Drumphites flooded HTI’s  feed with hate, and virtual shouts of agression and how they are going to boycott the show and form a protest and…wait…what’s that? Hamilton Theatre is not associated with Hamilton, the Musical? One’s on Broadway?  The other is a theatre company found in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada?!  How could you possibly confuse the two!?  I mean…ah never mind… In the spirit of the current state of Twitter confusion, I thought I might take a stab at sharing some favourite fake Twitter accounts for you to enjoy!  Don’t get let them fool you.  They’re all fake!
Continue reading “Fake Twitter Accounts Worth Following!”

Party Like It’s 1799: Hamilton Doc on PBS Tonight!

It’s four hours to Hamiltime, Geeks. PBS is airing AND STREAMING their new doc on the making of Hamilton: An American Musical. Hamilton’s America is on in four hours so we’ve got a little bit time to do this right.

How does a loudmouth, fanboy, internet jabberjaw with a website sit down and try to write all the things you need to properly enjoy this musical extravaganza, this piece of positive Americana. Continue reading “Party Like It’s 1799: Hamilton Doc on PBS Tonight!”