Magic Monday: Standard May Experience Some Slight Turbulence then…Explode

It’s been a bonkers couple of weeks for MTG with the dominance of the Aetherworks Marvel archetype in Standard getting attention in many Geekly circles. Devon, Mark and Stew deconstructed the Aetherworks phenomenon and muse about the role of the WotC’s new R&D team. Szpirs is surprised by spoilers for Commander 2017! It’s a gorram whirlwind on this Magic Monday

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Magic Monday: Ain’t No Party Like a Prerelease Party

Yeeeeeeeeee-haw, Geeks! Amonkhet has landed and it is awesome! Join Szpirs, Devon, Stew, Mike, and Mark as we recount the horrors and splendours of prerelease weekend and share our takes on the new set so far. Plus, a game of Commander goes horribly right! Stew and Devon take a deep dive into WotC’s update to the Banned/Restricted lists. All this and more (possibly) in this week’s Magic Monday!  Continue reading “Magic Monday: Ain’t No Party Like a Prerelease Party”

Magic Monday: Amonkhet Roundup + Trailer!

Welp, Modern Masters 2017 has been around for five minutes, so I guess it’s time for another MTG expansion! Amonkhet have you down to your LGS on Apr. 28th and the spoilers are droppin’ like noses off Sphinxes. Szpirs is terrified of everything new. Mark, Stew, Devon, and Mike perform an intervention. It’s all things Amonkhet on this week’s Magic Monday. #MTGAKH

Szpirs: Amonkhet! Amonkhet everywhere! 

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Magic Monday: Command Decisions

Wherein Szpirs reads the MTGO Tumblr and promptly looses his mind. Mark, Stew, and Devon try to talk him down from the edge. Changes to the EDH/Commander format are mulled over and speculation about its future in casual and competitive MTG ensues. Will we see a Commander Grand Prix? Friday Night Commander? Much better ideas than these await in this week’s Magic Monday.

Szpirs: OMG, you guys! They changed the rules for 1v1 Commander! 30 life, bro! 30!

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Magic Mondays: Crackin’ Modern Masters Packs

Wherein Szpirs buys a single Modern Masters 2017 booster and turns to more qualified players to find the pick of the pack. Mark, Devon, and Stew share their own adventures in boostery. How’d you all do this weekend? Correct us, dispute us, and share your Modern Masters picks on this week’s Magic Monday.

Szpirs: Hey! How many of youse guys bought Modern Masters this weekend? Like, even one booster?

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Magic Monday: Banned of Brothers

Magic Brothers (not actual brothers) Devon and Stew sound the alarm about rumoured card bans coming down this week… er… eventually… maybe. Devon breaks down the dominant decks in Standard. Szpirs hazily recalls earlier bannings and asks: what needs banning in today’s game? Does anything? Have your say, Geeks, in this week’s Magic Monday.

Devon: Szpirs! The MTG Ban Hammer is coming down again!
Szpirs: Whuuuuuut?
Devon: Yup. Same problem as last time, too. Standard is dominated by just two decks: Saheeli Copycat and Mardu Vehicles. Wizards of the Coast (WotC) often fixes that with more bans. 
Szpirs: Wait, who’s banning the what now?

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