Magic Monday: Command Decisions

Wherein Szpirs reads the MTGO Tumblr and promptly looses his mind. Mark, Stew, and Devon try to talk him down from the edge. Changes to the EDH/Commander format are mulled over and speculation about its future in casual and competitive MTG ensues. Will we see a Commander Grand Prix? Friday Night Commander? Much better ideas than these await in this week’s Magic Monday.

Szpirs: OMG, you guys! They changed the rules for 1v1 Commander! 30 life, bro! 30!

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Magic Mondays: Crackin’ Modern Masters Packs

Wherein Szpirs buys a single Modern Masters 2017 booster and turns to more qualified players to find the pick of the pack. Mark, Devon, and Stew share their own adventures in boostery. How’d you all do this weekend? Correct us, dispute us, and share your Modern Masters picks on this week’s Magic Monday.

Szpirs: Hey! How many of youse guys bought Modern Masters this weekend? Like, even one booster?

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Magic Monday: Banned of Brothers

Magic Brothers (not actual brothers) Devon and Stew sound the alarm about rumoured card bans coming down this week… er… eventually… maybe. Devon breaks down the dominant decks in Standard. Szpirs hazily recalls earlier bannings and asks: what needs banning in today’s game? Does anything? Have your say, Geeks, in this week’s Magic Monday.

Devon: Szpirs! The MTG Ban Hammer is coming down again!
Szpirs: Whuuuuuut?
Devon: Yup. Same problem as last time, too. Standard is dominated by just two decks: Saheeli Copycat and Mardu Vehicles. Wizards of the Coast (WotC) often fixes that with more bans. 
Szpirs: Wait, who’s banning the what now?

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Magic Mondays: Magic Family Day

Hey Geeks. Up here in the Great White North, we have a totally purposeless holiday in February called Family Day. So, while hanging out with our nearest and dearest today, I posed a question to our resident MTG players: what’s your favourite Magic family – be it a series of creatures that are related, a tribal type, a cycle of cards, or what-have-you. Leave us a comment with yours and be prepared to be revolted/intrigued at ours.  Continue reading “Magic Mondays: Magic Family Day”

Magic Monday: Crackin’ Packs Vol. 2 -What’s in tha Box?

Stew and Szpirs continue to explore the depths of the Magic Mystery Box: a tidy little box of cards with boosters from each of the current Standard sets plus one from ‘Magic History’. We’ve cracked packs from Return to Ravnica already….now we’re headed into Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch. Buckle up, Geeks. Continue reading “Magic Monday: Crackin’ Packs Vol. 2 -What’s in tha Box?”

Magic Mondays: Crackin’ Packs Vol. 1 – Magical Mystery Box

So, Szpirs was on a sleep-deprived mission to Wal-Mart and stumbled on something…magical. It was a box – a mystery box. It’s a cool idea…a booster pack from each of the Standard sets plus one pack from ‘Magic history’. Seems like a great way for a new player to build up a card-base for Friday Night Magic events or a lapsed player to catch up on the last few blocks. Who, lacking both sleep and willpower, could resist such a thing? I’m like Abu in the Cave of Wonders: abu.gif

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Magic Monday: Drafted

So last weekend, Stew, Szpirs, Mark, and our friends Mike and Devon met up to draft some cards. Drafting is a style of play where each player builds a new deck by drawing cards from booster packs. We also happened to be playing on the release weekend for Aether Revolt, so we worked some AR packs into our draft. Who won? Who lost? What (if anything) did we learn? What is the correct beer to drink while you draft? Read on, Geeks, and be horrified. Continue reading “Magic Monday: Drafted”