Episode 68: Raising Geeklings pt. 1 – Music

Join Erik and a returning Mike as they discuss the importance of music while raising their kids.  What genres did they try? Did they pop headphones on their pregnant wives? How does one introduce metal to a child?  Continue reading “Episode 68: Raising Geeklings pt. 1 – Music”


7 ways to get your kids into science, engineering and coding.

You may have heard of the term STEM, or STEAM recently.  It’s an educational initiative to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, and to see the real-world, interconnections between all of them.  However, it’s not easy for some kids to buy into this.  Especially when the real-world tells them their contributions to science and such is not valid simply because of their gender, age, socioeconomic background or level of education.  Making things explode, tearing things apart, figuring out how things work. is all a part of childhood.  It’s fun, and should always be a gateway to something a child can be passionate about.  So, here are a few ideas for the parents out there who are looking to inspire their budding scientists, engineers, coders and artists.

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Madaya Mom – Real Syrian Mother Inspires ABC/Marvel Digital Comic

We sometimes joke that parenting can be hell…but this month, Marvel and ABC have been quietly showing us what a real parent can do in a truly unimaginable situation in Madaya Mom. A family in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya, kept anonymous for their own protection, have been sending text messages to journalists at ABC News. Those texts – and the blog reporting them – have become the basis of a harrowing digital comic that tells the stories of a mother’s daily struggle to keep her family alive. Continue reading “Madaya Mom – Real Syrian Mother Inspires ABC/Marvel Digital Comic”

Episode 41: Geeks vs New Landos, The Geek Compass, and Alan Moore (sort of)

Join Geeks Szpirs and James in welcoming Brenna, our newest Lando. We consider the timeless questions of Geekdom and discover James’ mysterious connection to Suicide Squad. Calvin and Hobbes spin-offs, AMC loving doges, post-apocalyptic retro-gaming, smokin’ hot Vulcans, and exploring the depths of the Whedonverse are all on this week’s Continue reading “Episode 41: Geeks vs New Landos, The Geek Compass, and Alan Moore (sort of)”

How to raise a proud nerd

The other day when I was playing with the little one in our living room, I had an inkling that I was raising a proper little geek when she moved from playing with her lightsaber (with appropriate sounds) to reading books to playing with a calculator.  There are literally hundreds of articles online about how to raise a little nerdling but one article we enjoyed came from scarymommy.com.

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