Episode 58: Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Join us this week as Geek Aaron returns, with his guest host, and soon to be geek with kids, Mark.

Listen in as the dynamic duo discusses the new Logan red-band trailer, which Marvel heroes would make awesome dads and their pitch for a reboot of Three Men and a Baby, Marvel styles! Continue reading “Episode 58: Who is your daddy and what does he do?”

Attn: Whovians, Companions Wanted (Safety Not Guaranteed)

One of the strengths of the BBC’s long-running sci fi anthology show, Dr. Who, is that you can picture yourself as one of the Doctor’s companions. The earstwhile Time Lord has had many incarnations from his first, elderly professorial form to the currnet Heavy-Metal-Doc-Brown version so you can see how a companion’s experience might be very different from regeneration to regeneration. Worry not – the good folks at Lucidchart.com have cracked the code at figuring which Doctor you should ride with. Post your Doctor in the comments and don’t worry – the TARDIS has infinite space so it won’t be crowded.  Continue reading “Attn: Whovians, Companions Wanted (Safety Not Guaranteed)”