Eliza Dushku Enlists in “The Black Company”

Look, Geeks. Sooner or later, there’s gonna be a “Game of Thrones”-shaped hole in the TV schedule and creators are hustling to position themselves as the next can’t-miss fantasy drama. “Kingkiller Chronicle” is in development, Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” is moving forward…and now the field is joined by “The Black Company” – Glen Cook’s dark fantasy/ military epic following an elite mercenary group in a world rich with intrigue and violence. Whedon-verse alum Eliza Dushku (“Buffy”, “Angel”, “Dollhouse”, and CBS’s “Bull”) will star in the pivotal role of the The Lady – a dark sorceress who joins the the Black Company. Five by five, says I. Continue reading “Eliza Dushku Enlists in “The Black Company””

Unmask the story of Bill Finger in Hulu’s “Batman and Bill” documentary

For years everyone believed that Bob Kane solely created Batman, but that’s not the whole truth. In Hulu’s “Batman and Bill” documentary, one author makes it his crusade to make it known that Bill Finger actually helped invent the iconic superhero. Continue reading “Unmask the story of Bill Finger in Hulu’s “Batman and Bill” documentary”